Welcome to Wholefood Harmony.  Inspiring health through delicious natural cuisine.

We embrace natural, plant and macrobiotic menus for the wonderful taste, rich nutrients and powerful benefits to health.

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We are committed to inspire health through delicious, natural cuisine.   Delight your appetite with our menu of Cooking Workshops, Food & Health Coaching, Catering and Bespoke Events. Discover more

Kitchen Impact

Integrate delicious and healthy food in bespoke classes fully catered to your tastes, health and lifestyle.  Includes hands on cooking, menu design guidance and development of your personal plan. Design yours

Pure Baby Book, new!

Accompany Pure Baby on a voyage of new discovery and natural food.  Macrobiotic expert Anna Freedman charts a monthly exposé of her baby’s development and the infusion of pure foods in the first year. Read more


Pure Baby Food, new!

Secure healthy nourishment for you and your developing baby from womb to weaning infant. Learn about nutritious plant dishes you can create with ease and prepare for a healthy beginning for your family. Find out more

Love Food Cookery Course

A wholesome series  to integrate healthy food and expand your repertoire of delicious dishes and delight your every day dining.             Discover more


Wholefood Cook’s Training

Join a rigorous course in natural cooking.  Apply the treasures of macrobiotic wisdom and enhance your own healthy eating and living. Full details here

Gift Vouchers

Our themed cooking courses make ideal gift experiences for health enthusiasts and food lovers.  Redeem on any event or Kitchen Impact classGive a taste of health