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“Feel that super-nutrient energy.”  Kindred Spirit Magazine

“My new diet has transformed my health.”  Health & Fitness Magazine

“Enjoy all your favourite foods without putting on weight.”  Bella Magazine

“Host the perfect lunch with these tasty veggie recipes.”  Natural Health Magazine

“Master classes if you fancy a bit of healthy-eating inspiration.” Vegetarian Living Magazine

“Macrobiotic eating has made my skin glow.”  Health & Fitness Magazine

“Thank you Anna for this great course! I learned so much about healthy food and the meal was delicious. Worth travelling 4000 miles for this.”  Isabelle, from Ghana.  Birthday Workshop.

“The definitive class for healthy eating – everyone should go, vegetarians, vegan, meateaters or otherwise!” Vanessa Kirby, Actress.  Birthday Workshop.

“Wholefood Harmony is a wonderful resource for all people who enjoy food.”  Shreyas, Neurologist. Flavour The Seasons.

“Fantastic healthy cooking day with my friends.  Highly recommended!”  Basma, Restaurant Chain Director. Kitchen Impact.

“I have loved every second of your classes – the recipes, the food, the eating and the company – I’m hooked! Thanks a million.”  Debbie, Macrobiotic Cook.

“A wonderful, inspiring experience!  I enjoyed every class fully and learned very much in the process.  Thank you Anna!”  Lisa, Nutritionist. Love Food Nourish Life.

Bespoke Client Events
“Anna, Thank you for facilitating the day, everyone had a great time!  A very positive and rewarding experience!” Ofcom

“Thank you for giving an excellent presentation, I really enjoyed the seminar.” City University

“We really enjoyed working with you Anna, and thank you so very much for the exciting event.  It certainly got me thinking of how to combine the foods we stock here.” Ikea

Classes & Workshops
“Delicious food and really inspiring.  Thank you.”  Alex

“A totally enjoyable experience, thank you!”  Andy

“I really enjoyed all the recipes. The atmosphere and environment was fun and easy. I feel like I need to change my lifestyle and I’m excited to do it!” Madeleine

“I feel cleansed already.” Fiona

“I have not felt my tastebuds come alive for such a long time!”  James

“Every workshop is inspirational, from the ingredients to the combination of tastes and recipes.”  Helen

Bespoke Groups
“Excellent.  A great mix of learning and practice”.   Tom

“A totally enjoyable experience, thank you!”  Andrew

“This event has really inspired me to spend more time on cooking healthier foods.”  Louise

“Everyone should do this, you feel great from the inside out.”  Jene

“Delicious food and really inspiring.  Thank you.”  Alexandra

Kitchen Impact Courses
“Another wonderful, inspirational class which has left me feeling nourished, peaceful and inspired. Thank you!”  Debbie

“I have gained so much inspiration and education regarding food choices, cooking, nutritional information, emotional quality of food, new ingredients and ways of preparing food.”  Mara

“You are incredibly talented and I very much enjoyed all of your wonderful meals. Thank you. I miss your food a lot now!”  Adrian

“Yesterday’s meal was amazing! It satisfied me on every level. I didn’t have any cravings in the afternoon and it also made me feel happier and definitely more energetic!”  Audrey

Recreating Dishes
“I made this lentil dish last night, and everyone liked it! (My picky daughter even had seconds). This will definitely be an ongoing dish in our house!” Jennifer

I had a few people around on Tuesday evening and WOW’d them with your Pea & Mint Soup, the Kebabs & dipping sauce, Summer Salad and Lemony Lentils. It was a HIT!  Everyone absolutely loved the delicious flavours”.  Lisa

About Anna
“Anna’s recipes and skills as a teacher are both nourishing and delicious just like all the food that we made together.  Thanks!”  Yoni

“Such a lovely experience, feel nourished inside and out. Thank you Anna.”  Lauren

“Each time I leave one of Anna’s workshops I feel nourished and satisfied and in a very contented mood both physically and mentally.”  Helen

“I feel so inspired when I come to Anna’s workshops. My whole lifestyle, relationship and love for good food has changed for the better.”  Thomas

“Finally I have found someone who believes in food and how it impacts the whole body.” Lou