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Being Balanced In Spring

Courtesy of my graduate Lilian Kluviers from the Pure Cook’s Training and founder of the Do-In Academy is this essential book for balancing your life with the season.  Filled with ancient wisdom, modern application, exercise techniques and special recipes.

I encourage you to read this special book and check out my featured recipes.

(26MB download)

Thank you […]

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Dressings To Live For

Three of my favourite dressings permeating with the freshness of lemon juice.

Tahini Dressing3 dessertspoons tahiniJuice from half lemon1 dessertspoons brown rice vinegar3 dessertspoons water1 dessertspoon tamariCombine all ingredients and mix until smooth.  Oil Free Lemon Vinaigrette2 tblspn Lemon juice½ tsp Wholegrain mustard2 tsp rice syrupWaterSplash ShoyuCombine the ingredients in a jar and shake!  Adjust flavours to […]

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Magical Sides for Festive Feasts

Flurries of meals await as we approach the festive season.

Should you be hosting, here are some steps to help you plan your meal and support your spread.

Create a welcome feast by considering the balance of your meal.

The traditional turkey and roast potatoes are all heavy, long cooked baked dishes.   If you want your diners to feel […]

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Festive Onion Soup with Garlic Croutons

This has to be my favourite soup for the season.  Flavourful, warming and nourishing – this soup will melt hearts!

Serving the soup with the so easily prepared garlic croutons is a must.  I also enjoy using a mix of sweet white miso and brown rice or barley miso, but of course you could use […]

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The Sugar Grip – Holding On & Letting Go

I am greeted by a wandering mess of gormless kids, faces smeared with sugary residues, clothes covered in chocolate stains.

She is sucking on an ice lolly.  I see the remnants of the forage.  Packaged jelly pots, candie wrappers, sausages, chips and fried food.  Fresh fruit is present and broccoli, I am told was offered […]

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Natural Health Magazine, May 2016

Natural Health Magazine, May 2016

Pack A Protein Punch:
Many of us are pimping our provisions with protein supplements, but should we be?

I am thrilled to be featured as Solution A:  Wholefoods!

So we need to eat more protein and our modern Western diet is less than ideal to deliver it, but what’s the answer? “In Japan, […]

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Veggie Magazine, April 2016

Veggie Magazine, April 2016


Features us in their article; Master Macrobiotics

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5 Paths To Spring Cleanse

Spring has arrived!  The new warmth brings a spring in our steps, a lightness in our bodies and a smile on our faces.  Feeling the sun again has such a remarkable effect.

The animals too come out of hibernation and the trees turn green again.

How can we harness the mighty energy of the sun and […]

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Mother’s Day Love

It’s mothers day and I have virtually a whole day away from my little people. Time to myself, moments to focus on something else. Yet, today I find I want to write not about food and health, but children and parenting.

What do I want to speak today? To speak of love for these little […]

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Almond Milk Chia Shake & Almond Choco Biscuits

Homemade nut and seed milk is a regular feature now, in addition to grain milk.  These milks are super easy to make and providing endless pleasure.  Did I say that the children love plant milks?  Well they are going crazy for each new variation!  This weeks almond chia milk shake is the latest elixir the […]

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