Amaranth Crackers

By Guestblogger Neha Upadhyay
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.

Welcoming Neha; food psychologist and founder of Guna, the start up which organises organic food workshops across India.  Neha shares one of her lovely peace recipes for a perfect snack.

Wholefood Harmony and Anna’s teachings on macrobiotics have brought immense peace in my life. Being an […]

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Back To School Beany Burgers

A much loved creation from my cooking class this week and ideal for the new term.   Delicious hot, these burgers also make a great portable, protein rich meal for office lunch breaks and children’s lunch boxes.

I like using black beans or butterbeans, plenty of toasted seeds and nuts and fresh rosemary.   The […]

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Edamame Spaghetti with Pesto of Avocado, Pine Nut & Roasted Greens

By Guestblogger Naz Maghounaki
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.

I am delighted to welcome guestblogger Naz. Naz recently turned vegan and here she shares one of her creations arising from the Pure Cook’s Training.  Be sure to check out more of her recipes at her blog


My decision to go plant-based stemmed from years of extreme […]

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Online Cookery Course

Kindred Spirit Magazine, July/Aug 2015

Cookery coach and author, Anna Freedman launches an online course that allows anyone to transform their lives through a radically new personalised system of natural food selection and food preparation.  Pure Cook’s Training comprises seven modules of video demonstrations and online materials that take students on a journey of wellbeing.

In […]

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Sour Cream Supreme

Authentic sour cream without any dairy. A firm favourite at any table and hit with little people.  Simply delicious served with vegetables, leafy greens, inside tortilla wraps or with a curry. I use silken tofu or regular tofu combined with water to achieve a creamy consistency.

Half pack silken tofu (or regular tofu combined with […]

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Whole Foods Healed My Life Back

By Guestblogger Ana Muriel
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.
I am delighted to welcome guestblogger Ana.  Here, she shares her very personal story of how whole foods healed and brought her life back.  Ana runs fantastic yoga and nutritional programmes, visit her site for next events;
The art of taking care of my body started long time ago as […]

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Creating Delicious Health

The Vegan Society Magazine, Summer 2015

Enticed by vegan cuisine, I was at first captivated by the delicious flavours of natural, plant food.  That was seven years ago now and I haven’t looked back since.  I was drawn in by the most beautiful tasting food and opened to playing with a host of new vegetable […]

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Positively Healthy Pressed Salad

The pressed salad tops a regular salad any day!  This special style of salad is utterly delicious and ever so good for your health.

Pressed salads are made up of raw vegetables finely sliced and then pressed down to release their water content. This makes the vegetables more digestible and retains the vitality of the […]

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Spring Green Parcels with Shitake Mushroom & Kohl Rabi

By Guestblogger Lilian Kluviers
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training Spring 2015.
I am delighted to welcome guestblogger Lilian.  Here, she shares her surprises from taking the Pure Cook’s Training and a lovely recipe creation to enjoy this Spring.  Lilian is based in the Netherlands and runs a special exercise academy internationally;
I have always been enthusiastic about nutrition and […]

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Chocolate Brownie Time!

We have been having a lot of fun perfecting the ultimate chocolate brownie recipe without sugar or dairy!

Dry ingredients:
1  cup spelt flour
half tsp baking powder
3 tblspn cocoa powder
handful raisons
handful chopped dates

Wet ingredients:
3 tblspn rice milk
5 tblspn oil
2 tbslpn maple syrup
3 tbslpn rice syrup

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and combine the wet ingredients in […]

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