Being Balanced In Spring

Courtesy of my graduate Lilian Kluviers from the Pure Cook’s Training and founder of the Do-In Academy is this essential book for balancing your life with the season.  Filled with ancient wisdom, modern application, exercise techniques and special recipes.

I encourage you to read this special book and check out my featured recipes.

(26MB download)

Thank you […]

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Flavour Combinations

I am often asked about combining foods and food groups.  This trendy way of eating certainly supports digestive health, however today I wish to focus on one of my favourite concepts, that of combining flavours.

For me, flavours bring excitement to your cooking and great joy to the eating.

You can nourish yourself in a deep […]

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I’m So Excited!

I am so excited about the online Pure Cook’s Training beginning this Saturday 30th January!
Here you will receive a winning repertoire of video recipes, learning and support, and you can travel through the training at your own time and pace.Graduates are taking charge of their health and nourishing their children, partners, family and friends with delicious, […]

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Whole Foods Healed My Life Back

By Guestblogger Ana Muriel
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.
I am delighted to welcome guestblogger Ana.  Here, she shares her very personal story of how whole foods healed and brought her life back.  Ana runs fantastic yoga and nutritional programmes, visit her site for next events;
The art of taking care of my body started long time ago as […]

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Chickpea & Sweet Potato Cakes

By Guestblogger Carlota Ribeiro Sanches,Graduate of the Pure Cook’s Training 2014

Carlota shares one of her yummy recipes from her final cooking project on the Pure Cook’s Training.

I wanted to create a menu that could be used daily, using organic seasonal vegetables, easy to prepare, with a lot of different flavours and textures – rich and wholesome dishes […]

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3 Tips For Healthy New Year Nourishment

 1. Go For Greens

Delight in seasonal, fresh, green vegetables.  Veggies carry pure live energy for complete nourishment and a healthy radiance.
Leafy greens are a great tool to cleanse your body, detox your liver and dissolve away any accumulation.
Variety is key to achieving balance, so embrace diversity in the vegetables and cooking styles you enjoy.

Try servings of […]

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Welcoming Winter

By Guestblogger Carlota Ribeiro Sanches,
Graduate of the Pure Cook’s Training 2014

Seasons not only have a great impact on soil and crops but they also have a profound impact in our minds and bodies.

Chinese ancient traditions say that we are greatly influenced by the changes in climate and therefore should respect and live according to […]

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E-Course Lift Off!

Get ready for the Wholefood Cook’s Training E-Course launch and begin training in January 2015!

I’m really excited about launching this E-Course and have have been super busy filming the cookery demonstrations and teaching lessons for this dynamic course.

Plus I am putting together all the course material across a wealth of areas:  Creative Cookery, Food & […]

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My Top 5 Plant Proteins

I am a huge fan of plant proteins!

Protein from plants has so many great benefits.

Plant proteins contain all eight essential amino acids.

Animal meat and dairy is acidifying to the blood, and must be converted into toxic ammonia and uric acid, before being excreted.  However plant protein is alkalising and easy for the body to […]

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Protein & Iron Rich Feast

My favourite protein and iron rich feast of a dish.  Plenty of dark leafy greens, alfalfa sprouts, sauerkraut and sumptuous tempeh.

Tempeh is the favoured fermented soy bean product, originally from Indonesia and often found in the freezer section of a health food store.  Tempeh is favoured for it’s top nutrition, protein, iron and B12 […]

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