Dressings To Live For

Three of my favourite dressings permeating with the freshness of lemon juice.

Tahini Dressing3 dessertspoons tahiniJuice from half lemon1 dessertspoons brown rice vinegar3 dessertspoons water1 dessertspoon tamariCombine all ingredients and mix until smooth.  Oil Free Lemon Vinaigrette2 tblspn Lemon juice½ tsp Wholegrain mustard2 tsp rice syrupWaterSplash ShoyuCombine the ingredients in a jar and shake!  Adjust flavours to […]

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Magical Sides for Festive Feasts

Flurries of meals await as we approach the festive season.

Should you be hosting, here are some steps to help you plan your meal and support your spread.

Create a welcome feast by considering the balance of your meal.

The traditional turkey and roast potatoes are all heavy, long cooked baked dishes.   If you want your diners to feel […]

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Festive Onion Soup with Garlic Croutons

This has to be my favourite soup for the season.  Flavourful, warming and nourishing – this soup will melt hearts!

Serving the soup with the so easily prepared garlic croutons is a must.  I also enjoy using a mix of sweet white miso and brown rice or barley miso, but of course you could use […]

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Almond Milk Chia Shake & Almond Choco Biscuits

Homemade nut and seed milk is a regular feature now, in addition to grain milk.  These milks are super easy to make and providing endless pleasure.  Did I say that the children love plant milks?  Well they are going crazy for each new variation!  This weeks almond chia milk shake is the latest elixir the […]

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I’m So Excited!

I am so excited about the online Pure Cook’s Training beginning this Saturday 30th January!
Here you will receive a winning repertoire of video recipes, learning and support, and you can travel through the training at your own time and pace.Graduates are taking charge of their health and nourishing their children, partners, family and friends with delicious, […]

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Soba Noodles With Cavelo Nero Greens & Ginger Miso Dressing

My noodle recipe is bursting with the lovely flavours of ginger, miso and rice vinegar.  Add plenty of leafy greens and sesame seeds for full nutrition.  Substitute soba noodles for rice or wheat noodles and cavelo nero for other greens such as kale and pak choy.
2-3 bundles soba noodles
Bunch cavelo nero leafy greens
2 spring […]

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Purely Pecan Pie

My much loved, succulent dessert bursting with natural sweetness. 


1½ cups oats

½ cup ground almonds

Very small pinch salt

half cup sunflower oil

3 tblspns rice syrup


Make oat flour using a hand held blender or food processor to blend the oat flakes.  Mix the dry ingredients together, then mix the wet ingredients together.  Now combine the wet and dry […]

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Amaranth Crackers

By Guestblogger Neha Upadhyay
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.

Welcoming Neha; food psychologist and founder of Guna, the start up which organises organic food workshops across India.  Neha shares one of her lovely peace recipes for a perfect snack.

Wholefood Harmony and Anna’s teachings on macrobiotics have brought immense peace in my life. Being an […]

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Back To School Beany Burgers

A much loved creation from my cooking class this week and ideal for the new term.   Delicious hot, these burgers also make a great portable, protein rich meal for office lunch breaks and children’s lunch boxes.

I like using black beans or butterbeans, plenty of toasted seeds and nuts and fresh rosemary.   The […]

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Edamame Spaghetti with Pesto of Avocado, Pine Nut & Roasted Greens

By Guestblogger Naz Maghounaki
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.

I am delighted to welcome guestblogger Naz. Naz recently turned vegan and here she shares one of her creations arising from the Pure Cook’s Training.  Be sure to check out more of her recipes at her blog


My decision to go plant-based stemmed from years of extreme […]

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