Anna FreedmanFood fuels health, shapes how we think and feel, and informs our interactions with others. 

When we eat aligned to the wisdom of our body, our potential for living more fully multiplies.



Food & Health Coaching

We explore your food and health, identify your priorities, and then I make a plan and practices to empower your path forward.

I regard you in totality and consider your digestive system, diet and cravings, health conditions, energy flow and levels, impact of stress on your body, ways of being and any life patterns.

You will receive a healthy eating framework unique for your own needs and a personalized pack of recipes.  Movement and lifestyle suggestions also form a deeper layer enabling you to step forward and flourish.

My work draws together health, natural foods, plant ingredients, Eastern medicine, five element theory, nutrition, integral coaching, self compassion and more.

I hold you in the highest light, guiding and supporting your nourishment and growth.  You shine.

The method is based on working with hundreds of people eating all styles of diet.  Whether you currently eat or want to eat meat or fish, macrobiotic, vegan or vegetarian foods, I would be delighted to work with you.

This work is for you if you resonate with one or more of the below:


  • Desire to instill healthy eating for yourself and/ or your family
  • Wish to move away from sugar and processed foods
  • Want quality food for your body
  • Ready to prepare some of your own food
  • Want to make changes to your way of eating


  • Need help with ingredient sourcing and menu planning
  • Want to receive delicious, easy to recreate recipes personalized for your needs
  • Feel ready to work with flavours, variety and nutrition
  • Want to integrate your own nourishment within the busyness of modern living


  • Are pregnant or wish to conceive and want to nourish yourself optimally
  • Are breastfeeding and want support with your eating to help your baby thrive
  • Will be weaning your baby and want her to acquire a taste for wholesome, natural produce
  • Have a toddler or older child and wish to nourish them with healthy meals they will really enjoy


  • Are sensitive to certain foods or to the environment and are ready to harness your strength through eating foods conducive for you
  • Have a condition of the digestive system and want to find a way of eating that suits you well
  • Have a skin or breathing condition
  • Suffer menstrual cycle irregularities
  • Get headaches or pains in the body
  • Have trouble sleeping


  • Wish to lose weight or cleanse your body
  • Desire to use food for healing a physical condition
  • Want to draw on the power of plant food to fuel your sport
  • Feel ready to start a new exercise or body-work form


  • Have recently been feeling exhausted or depleted
  • Are entering a significant crossroads or transition in your life
  • Ready to be free from food concerns and a master of your own eating


  • Want to regard your whole being with a connected approach which uses food to anchor health
  • Ready to receive the treasures of Eastern medicine
  • Wish to harness the energy of food and to eat in balance


  • Want to tailor your eating to serve your whole body best
  • Ready to develop a mindful approach to eating
  • Wish to raise your vibration, ground and centre yourself using food
  • Desire to live and eat seasonally and aligned with nature

Higher Self

  • Ready to take your healthy eating to the next level
  • Want to radiate fully in life
  • Feel called to live purposefully, aligned to your true self

Sessions take place in-person in NW London or over Skype.

Please do get in touch for a complimentary initial chat if you are interested in working with me.  I would love to hear from you!

WFH symbol circle lighter
“Working with Anna has been life changing. I have had only 3 sessions so far, however, I have already noticed amazing changes in my life. I no longer suffer from gluten intolerance, my anxiety has lessened and the sugar cravings have disappeared. I have never felt healthier and happier in my life. Since I have started consultations with Anna many great changes have taken place in my life. I cannot believe how much her advice has helped in such a short period of time! I would highly recommend working with Anna to anyone who feels that they are not using their full potential and living the best life they could!”

Zelda Zemzare

Louise Wade circle
“Working with Anna, learning about macrobiotics and implementing the practices has been life changing and I will be forever grateful to Anna for her professionalism and expertise.  She has really understood my character and needs without placing judgement.  Anna is very insightful and a very good listener.  I have put into place the suggestions that she has recommended and quickly felt the benefits in my health and lifestyle.”

Louise Wade, doTERRA Wellness Practitioner & Therapist