Nourishing the body with fresh, healthy food and full, natural flavours is a daily practice in serving our vitality and highest purpose.

A private hands on cookery course fully bespoke and catered to you, your health, lifestyle, goals and tastes.

This will develop your learning and integration of delicious, healthy cuisine ideal for your body.

A practical and tailored course to feed your health by:

  • cultivating your cooking skills

    You will learn to create bespoke dishes with love, which will truly nourish and delight your body. The recipes are designed for you, delicious and straightforward to replicate. We cover planning, shopping and time saving kitchen tips too.

  • mastering balanced eating for yourself

    You will learn about powerful food choices and managing cravings, menu ideas and embracing a variety of tasty dishes and ingredients. Prepare and sample meals which are personally developed for you to discover the art of balancing menus ideal for you to enjoy.

  • adopting your own healthy style of eating

    We will make a plan to integrate healthy and delicious nourishment for yourself. Enjoy nourishing, cleansing or healing your cells and organs using foods and flavours, and receive support and guidance.


Sample plan for the Kitchen Impact course of 3 sessions:

  • First Session
    Natural Food principles
    Shopping lists
    Kitchen assesment
    Designing menus 1
    Wholegrain Wonders
    Hands on cooking
  • Second Session
    Designing menus 2
    Plant Proteins
    Vegetable Heaven
    Tips, quick wins – planning, inspired leftovers, fast food naturally, one pot wonders
    Making a plan
    Hands on cooking
  • Third Session
    Developing your plan
    Healthy Treats & Snacks
    Seasonal foods & balanced eating – ingredients, cooking styles, dishes
    Menu planning, travelling
    Cooking to expand your health/ cooking for dietary needs/ weight management/ cooking for the family
    Hands on cooking

Sessions are 3 hours long and include all natural, organic ingredients, recipes, handouts, and a full 3 course meal.
Each session builds your repertoire of dishes straight away and features the hands on cooking of around 6 different dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack times.

Takes place at a time and date to suit at the Wholefood Harmony Kitchen in NW London, close to Golders Green tube station, and works well in partnership with the food and health coaching.

Please contact me, I would love to discuss your requirements.


Helen B-T circle
“I loved the Kitchen Impact classes!  I feel healthier, and they have opened up a deeper understanding of health and healing for me.  Also, I have developed more confidence, knowledge and a sense of how to be more adventurous.”

Helen Biscoe-Taylor, Psychotherapist & Parenting Counsellor

WFH symbol circle lighter
“I’m learning so much about how these delicious foods can help heal my back and improve my lifestyle overall.”



Jan Casey circle
“I have gained a much wider repertoire and ways with a diversity of grains and plant foods.  Now I order different vegetables each week so my diet is far more varied already!”

Jan Casey, Design Management Consultant, Coach & Psychotherapist

WFH symbol circle lighter
“Our health coaching course consisted of three recipe stacked afternoons, Anna was able to steer me in the right direction and helped me to significantly improve my cooking skills and culinary range.

Since completing the course I have avoided all processed food and I’ve completely change my eating habits. She converted me to the benefits of a macrobiotic diet and I’ve no intention of going back.  I hugely recommend Anna’s health coaching course.”


Penny Spurr image circle
“A life changing day, with exciting and nutritious recipes. I now have the tools to change my diet and my life.”

Penny Spurr, Catering Industry


Delphine Lyttleton circle image
“A truly delightful experience. I learned more that could be wished for!”

Delphine Lyttleton, Healer; Life From Within