UnknownThe Vegan Society Magazine, Summer 2015


Enticed by vegan cuisine, I was at first captivated by the delicious flavours of natural, plant food.  That was seven years ago now and I haven’t looked back since.  I was drawn in by the most beautiful tasting food and opened to playing with a host of new vegetable ingredients.  Creating endless new dishes using a few simple preparations became completely fun!

Almost immediately I felt the benefits of this vegan fare.  My energy levels expanded, my digestive system normalised and most significantly the spotty skin I had suffered with for far too long, disappeared!  I rejoiced in this new feeling of nourishment.

After my training, I set up Wholefood Harmony and delight in teaching and coaching others towards the essential practice of feeding health through delicious, plant cookery.  Recently I launched a unique e-course to inspire people around the world from the comfort of their kitchens.

Cookery creativity and confidence arise from styling food using plenty of different ingredients and cooking styles.  Here, I take great pleasure in sharing a selection of winning ways for creating healthy and delicious meals.

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