DSCF3661 smallSpring has arrived!  The new warmth brings a spring in our steps, a lightness in our bodies and a smile on our faces.  Feeling the sun again has such a remarkable effect.

The animals too come out of hibernation and the trees turn green again.

How can we harness the mighty energy of the sun and springtime within and reap the treasures of the season?

Today, I share 5 ways:

  1. Spring Greens

Graze on the leaves of spring – spinach, spring greens, cabbages, watercress, broccoli, early lettuces.  These plants have caputured the sun’s energy through photosynthesis and give you a glimse of sunlight within, plus a host of nutrition, including Vitamin C, iron and calcium.

  1. Spring Flavours

The flavour associated with spring, according to the Eastern philosophy is sour.  Sour has a sharp, light quality in contrast to the salty taste which is much heavier.  Bring a light touch to your food by including lemon wedges as garnishes in your soups, rice vinegar or lemon juice in zesty dressings, orange or lemon zest in desserts, sauerkraut, pickles and pressed salads as accompaniments to your main.

  1. Take 3 Days

And record everything you are eating, drinking and snacking on over that period.  Then in the eyes of your higher self, and without criticism, look at your food diary, and notice how you are nourishing yourself.  What could you eat more of, less of, abandon or introduce?

  1. Clear Out

Clear out and reorganize your kitchen and living space, and make new space for the fresh energy of spring, for abundance and health.  Discard ingredients that no longer serve you, and items that no longer bring you joy, as in Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

  1. Be Kind

Be gentle on yourself, even when the ice cream tempts you, or the chocolate has been devoured.  Relinquish the attack and instead savour the taste.  Know that next time you can pause and make a conscious eating choice.


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