Your Whole Self
Macrobiotics is a way of living life to the full.  That’s what the word ‘Macrobiotics’ means.  Macrobiotics is an approach to life encompassing your whole being – your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional facets.  So macrobiotics is about more than just food.  However the practice of eating, since it is a daily rhythmic activity, is used to anchor and facilitate your blossoming.

Macrobiotics stems from an Eastern wisdom.  For me, its essence is about taking a wide view of life – your innate qualities and hidden talents, its about bringing awareness to your patterns and defences, and developing your nourishment and growth with beautiful food and love for yourself and others.

Understanding Health
This is all a gradual journey and everyone begins at their own starting point and travels a unique path.  For me, the stunning food was my attraction.  Also the powerful connections between our individual qualities and the health of particular organs drew me closer to macrobiotics.  Macrobiotics gives a profound understanding of how ill health may manifest and the joined up nature of disease.

Macrobiotic Food
The food facilitates clearer thought and really cleaned up my insides, creating a healthy freedom.  The systems of my body came back into harmony, giving me elevated energy, clear skin and  balanced digestion.

Macrobiotic food, for me is about raising awareness of my sustenance, and being closer to the natural environment and the fruits of the land.  Macrobiotics is fueling my body with pure and natural food so I feel fresh and alive and my body serves me well.

Food As Energy
On the food side, ingredients are used that are fresh, seasonal, organic and unrefined.  Macrobiotics loves the use of unprocessed food for their fresh pure energy which bestows vitality on the body.  Cooking creates wonderful tastes and styles of dishes which are energy giving to the body.  The subtleties of Macrobiotics reflect the different energies of food and cooking styles and the effects that food has on the body and certain organs.

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  • “Macrobiotics is a practical approach to diet; it has philosophical richness; it is scientifically sound; it is socially responsible; it is humanly compassionate, environmentally sound. A diet centered around whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit benefits our personal health & the health of the environment. Planetary ecology begins in the kitchen.” Sean Egan
  • “When we see the sun and moon, the sky and stars, mountains and rivers, seas and forests, fields and valleys, birds and animals, and all the wonders of nature, let us remember that we have come with them all from the infinite universe. Let us be thankful for our environment on earth and live in harmony with all that surrounds us. The most important thing you can teach anyone is to think for yourself when making a decision about diet and lifestyle” Michio Kushi