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Welcome to Wholefood Harmony. Embracing health through delicious natural cuisine.

We embrace natural, plant, macrobiotic, vegetarian and vegan menus for the wonderful taste, rich nutrients and powerful benefits to health.

“Since I have started working with Anna many great changes have taken place in my life!” Zelda

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We are committed to inspire health through delicious, natural cuisine. Delight your appetite with our menu of Cooking Workshops, Food & Health Coaching, Catering and Bespoke Events. Discover more

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Pure Cook’s Training

Radiate health and transform your life with our professional natural food and health ecourse. Cook, learn and apply essential wisdom to enhance healthy eating for yourself and others.  Enrol today

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Food & Health Coaching

Take charge of your healthy eating through personal support, a bespoke food and health plan, tailored recipes and much more to enhance your radiance and vitality . Discover more

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Kitchen Impact

Integrate delicious and healthy food in bespoke classes fully catered to your tastes, health and lifestyle. Includes hands on cooking, menu design guidance and development of your personal plan. Design yours

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Pure Baby Book

Accompany Pure Baby on a voyage of new discovery and natural food. Macrobiotic expert Anna Freedman charts a monthly exposé of her baby’s development and the infusion of pure foods in the first year. Read more


Gaia Events

The Gaia Gang and Gaia Retreats activate parenting, food, health and growth for you and your loved ones.  You receive strategies and wisdom to lighten up modern day parenting and build resilient, connected, considerate, balanced, healthy children that thrive.  Learn more


What Clients Say

Thank you Anna for this great course! I learned so much about healthy food and the meal was delicious. Worth travelling 4000 miles for this
Isabelle from Ghana
The definitive class for healthy eating – everyone should go, vegetarians, vegan, meat eaters or otherwise!
Vanessa Kirby, Actress
Wholefood Harmony is a wonderful resource for all people who enjoy food
Shreyas, Neurologist
Fantastic healthy cooking day with my friends.  Highly recommended!
Basma, Restaurant chain directot
I have loved every second of your classes – the recipes, the food, the eating and the company – I’m hooked! Thanks a million
Debbie, Macrobiotic Cook
A wonderful, inspiring experience!  I enjoyed every class fully and learned very much in the process.  Thank you Anna!
Lisa, Nutritionist

What The Press Says

Feel that super-nutrient energy!
Kindred Spirit Magazine
My new diet has transformed my health
Health & Fitness Magazine
Enjoy all your favourite foods without putting on weight
Bella Magazine
Host the perfect lunch with these tasty veggie recipes
Natural Health Magazine
aster classes if you fancy a bit of healthy-eating inspiration
Vegetarian Living Magazine
Macrobiotic eating has made my skin glow
Health & Fitness Magazine