Enjoy feeding your loved ones with our Polenta Cake Hearts.  This delicious treat is perfect to expand energy and nurture nourishment for all.

The recipe is beautifully sweet and yet free from any sugar, baked flour or dairy.  The recipe uses rice syrup which is made in a natural process from the whole rice grain and still contains vitamins and minerals, unlike ordinary sugar.

Using the complex sugars from grain malts and syrups is so much better for you since not only do you avoid all the ill effects of simple sugar intake, but these complex sugars are broken down and released into the blood stream more slowly giving you more sustained energy as well as easier digestion.

Polenta Cake Hearts


2 cups rice milk
2 cups water
I cup Polenta
half tsp Vanilla essence
Zest of half a lemon
Handful raisons
Dash of Apple juice concentrate
4 tablespoons rice syrup
Handful of chopped almonds
Sugar free raspberry jam


Make the polenta by bringing the water and rice milk to the boil and add the lemon zest, raisins, apple concentrate, rice syrup.
Turn the heat down and whisk in the polenta.  Keep stirring for several minutes until the mixture is thick and creamy.  Pour into a shallow dish and let cool to set.
Once the polenta cake is firm, use a heart shape cookie cutter and make polenta hearts.
Top with a fine coating of sugar free jam.  Enjoy!