Four essential ingredients to detox and cleanse your system and make a healthy start to 2012.

1.  Dine Regularly
Eat routine meals at a similar time each day and try to avoid snacking between meals.  Eating regular meals is crucial to prevent becoming very hungry suddenly and grabbing quick processed snacks and sugar fixes.

2.  Protect Your Sleep
Strive to eat at least three hours before going to bed.  Sleep restores your energy for the next day.  Feeling fresh and alive during the day will lessen any need for quick energy bursts from less healthy foods.

3.  Buy Sugar Free
Find sugar free alternatives and good quality e number free goods.  Enjoy pure, fresh and wholesome ingredients to facilitate your detox.

4.  Purify With Plants
Plant ingredients are perfect for cleansing and weight management.  Go for abundant servings of fresh, leafy green vegetables.  Try to include the less fatty legumes and grains in your diet.  Chickpeas, lentils, adzuki and black beans are great lean beans.  Among the grains, oats carry the most plant oils so be sure to alternate your morning oats with other cereals for a healthy weight reducing breakfast.

Find out about the magic of certain detoxifying ingredients and learn to create a favourite One Pot Detox Feast in my recipe post here.

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