A colourful display of fresh ingredients makes this lovely seasonal salad.
Since discovering a watercress farm not too far from the Wholefood Harmony Kitchen, I have put together this glorious recipe.
How does watercress grow you may be wondering…  well, on water of course!

The lime juice brings out a vibrant red colour to the red onions, and coupled with the fresh green and tasty puy lentils, makes an ideal salad for this time of year.
The dish was very much enjoyed at our recent Early Summer Kitchen and Plant Proteins workshops.  We served it with dishes including polenta and dill cake and orange glazed tempeh.


1 cup puy lentils

2 cups water


1 red onion – diced

2 cloves garlic

Juice of 1- 2 limes

Dash Sesame oil

1 inch strip Kombu sea vegetable


Bring the lentils to the boil with kombu, water, bayleaf and garlic.  Cook for 30 minutes and add a dash of shoyu towards the end.

Saute the red onion and add lime juice during the cooking.

Arrange the watercress around the edges of your serving bowl.  Add the lentils to the centre and top with the red onion.