Three of my favourite tips to facilitate your delicious cleanse this season.

Vegetable Heaven
Go for as many servings of vegetables as you can. Green vegetables and sea vegetables are ideal for cleansing. They are abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients? Their fresh, nutrient rich quality will flush away any accumulation from your body.

Souper Soups
Broth like soups are perfect as part of your detoxifying menu. Enjoy clear soups with plenty of veggies and sea vegetables, ginger and the powerfully cleansing shitake mushroom.

Zesty Detox
The sour taste and pungent flavour are great for cleansing. Use the citrus flavour of lemon and lime and enjoy ginger and mustard for that opening, pungent quality. Ginger penetrates deep inside the body activating movement and flow. The sour and fermented sauerkraut is another essential cleansing ingredient to stock up on.

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“I feel cleansed already!” Fiona, Detox Class January 2012