Anna Freedman_low_resYou are interested in healthy food, and nourishing your body with the goodness that will propel your wellbeing.

I too am super keen on raising our consciousness around the food we stock, the dishes we prepare and share, the items we grab on the go.

I would love to see our society value quality, nutritious produce, the stuff that contributes to our growth and vitality.  I would love more and more people to make those connections between food and health, and for fresh, sensitively cooked food to be more widespread.

I SO want to see my wishes realized, and therefore I am running a VERY special healthy new year offer right now because I want to give YOU the opportunity to train in the next cohort of Pure Cook’s beginning this coming Monday.  

The online Pure Cook’s Training gives you the wisdom, application and expertise to use natural food cookery to enhance your life, the lives of your loved ones, your community and the wider world.

Graduates have gone on to lose weight, exclude sugar, heal imbalances, anxiety and chronic conditions, transform nourishment for children and families, set up natural food restaurants and enterprises, land dream jobs in pure food cookery, and grow nutrition and health coaching practices.

What is it that you really want to grow and focus on right now?  

When we give this thing the focus and attention and support, then we grow ourselves and our growth manifests as gifts to the world.  We can activate and own our own nourishment, we can propel others to do so and we can play bigger from our authentic selves.

My online Pure Cook’s Training is beginning this Monday 28thJanuary.

The very special healthy new year offer is a saving of £250, taking the course from £345 to just £95.

Seven modules of video demonstrations and materials take students on a journey of wellbeing.

In each module I present ingredient selection and health benefits, food preparation tips and delicious recipe videos that support vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and natural diets and lifestyles.

Modules are released every 2 weeks and there is no need to be in at a certain time – you can look at the material and video demos all in your own time and at your own pace.

You will receive:

  • Over 40 fantastic video recipes which you can recreate with ease and enjoy with family, friends and clients
  • Shopping lists and essential toolkits
  • 7 Cookbooks
  • Over 150 pages of learning resources
  • Free copies of my two books
  • Pure Cook’s private forum access
  • Bonus and live Q&A sessions
  • Further bonus gifts

I would be thrilled to welcome and train you on Monday.

Enrollment is at

Please be in touch with any questions and I very much hope to be sending you the shopping list and preparatory material to get you stocked up with right ingredients ready to thrive as a pure foodie.


Ps. Have you seen my new venture and new book bridging food, health and positive parenting?  Check out and the Gaia Gang and Gaia Retreats.