How Do We Nourish Our Children?

How Do We Nourish Our Children?

J sushiHow do we nourish our children amidst the prolific sugar pleas and fast food society?

We can teach them about foods of the earth, allow their assistance in preparing meals, strive to nourish our own selves optimally by example.

All children delight in witnessing natures’ life cycle in the seasons, collecting trophies from the land, growing seeds and plucking the harvest.  They can join us in cutting fruit and vegetables (beginning with a safe salad knife!) and make their own meals.

If we seek to understand the connection between food and health, to stock and offer healthy food alternatives, surely this core value will infiltrate to our next generation.

We must secure health full meals our children will go for that we can prepare with ease, snacks and treats too that will be kind to our childrens’ health.


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