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Duration:  12 weeks
Format:  Online Course


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Become Expert In Cooking For Health

This ecourse, designed for health conscious individuals, nutritional practitioners or health-care workers, gives you everything you need to: 

  • Magnify your health, purpose and passion in life
  • Experience fabulous and lasting changes in your wellbeing
  • Become expert at styling plant cuisine into creative dishes
  • Harness food and lifestyle-savvy insight to safeguard your health
  • Use intuition in the kitchen and personalise your cooking
  • Expand your repertoire of fast, satisfying and delicious fare
  • Generate winning dishes using local and seasonal ingredients native to your country
  • Position yourself with certified credibility in your professional work

Receive Personalised Training From An Experienced Professional

My teaching style is personal, practical and professional. As a result of enhancing the lives of thousands of people through my cookery school and coaching practice, and teaching students who have travelled across continents, I have developed a unique curriculum to equip you with the following from the comfort of your own kitchen

  • The chief collection of effective, winning dishes you need to know.
  • Cookery tricks that will stand your cuisine apart the rest, from digestion friendly tips to menu design and presentational flair.
  • Absolutely essential techniques using flavour and texture profiles to enrich your dishes.
  • Pearls of natural food and wellbeing wisdom that will positively impact your energy and sleep and eliminate cravings.
  • Simple tools to integrate the course content with ease and flow.
  • My personal support to customise your nourishment and consistent health.
  • Concise, easy to follow, all-you-need-to-know interactive training information.
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This Course Is For You If:

  • You are a health professional, nutritional practitioner, chef or cook or you wish to pursue a career with natural foods and want to strengthen your ability to nourish others and help people heal.
  • You eat vegetarian and/ or animal foods, and you want to improve your eating style and health from firm foundations.
  • You are or desire to be eating vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, organic or natural foods, and feel that your diet needs more balance, variety and yummyness!  
  • You have trained in alternative health, natural healing, macrobiotic principles and food dietetics and wish to advance your studies, apply learning practically and experience greater wellbeing for yourself and others.

 “I have seen so many positive changes in my mood, energy levels, skin, will power, clarity, focus and creativity.”  Audrey, Artist & Architect.  Training

A Rich Course Framework To Kitchen Mastery

The Pure Cook’s Training will immerse you in learning how to prepare an abundance of plant foods.  From the gamut of whole grains and beans, to seasonal fruit and vegetables, sea vegetables, tofu and tempeh.

You will learn about the nutritional and energetic components of food, and experience creating dishes that help different health conditions while learning the art of menu design.

You will also discover the wisdom of the Five Elements; a traditional Eastern system relating the seasonal aspects of food with health.  This teaching will allow you to create even more healthy and flavourful dishes!

“I now have the tools to take care of my health and to support others.  I’m incredibly happy with the training both personally and professionally. “  Carlota, VegBox Head.  Training

7 all-you-need-to-know training modules

Module 1: Real Food Lift Off


  • Ingredients For Life – Healthy Eating Made Simple
  • Every Day Macrobiotic Principles You Should Know
  • The Energetic Influence of Foods
  • Savvy Shopping Lists

Cookery Class:  - Dishes include Red Lentil Soup with Spice Scent, Tantalising Tortilla Wraps with Tofu Sour Cream, Luscious Lemon Mousse

Module 2: Breakfast Options & Whole Grain Alchemy


  • Inspiring Breakfast Ideas & Recipes to Start Your Day with Energy
  • Secrets About Whole Grains Everyone Should Know
  • The 5 Elements – Using Food Fit For The Seasons & To Expand Full Body Health
  • Featured Element: Metal – Cooking For Clarity & Focus

Cookery Class:   – Dishes include sweet grain porridge, brown rice croquettes, millet shepherdess pie, amaranth taboulleh & much more

Module 3: Delicious Cleanse


  • Making Vegetables and Veggies From The Sea Delicious
  • How Pickles & Pressed Salads Help Alkalize Your Body
  • Featured Element: Wood  - Creative Cookery That Cleanses
  • The Jewels To Detox Your System:  Prompt Proven Natural Weight Loss
  • Liver Friendly Menus

Cookery Class:  – Dishes include Liver Friendly Tempeh Stir Fry, Sea Veg Filled Mushrooms, Beet & Fennel Slaw & more

Module 4: Plant Protein Power


  • Protein Sources Fit For Your Body
  • Creating Awesome Tofu, Tempeh & Bean Dishes
  • Featured Element: Water – Foods, Flavours & Styles For Stamina & Cold Weather
  • Kidney Care – Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy, Sleep & Longevity
Cookery Class:   – Dishes include One Pot Kidney Power Meal, Seitan Schnitzel & Triple Protein Lasagna with Fu, Bean Delight & Tofu Cheese

Module 5: Desserts For Health

  • Food & Mood – the Influence of Blood Sugar
  • Delicious and Guilt-Free Desserts
  • Featured Element: Fire – Using the Flavours of Summer to Strengthen Heart Health
  • Creative Condiments to Enrich Your Cuisine
  • Satisfying, Inspiring and Timesaving Tricks For Ideal Menu Design

Cookery Class:  – Dishes include Olive & Corn Polenta Steaks, Pumpkin & Butterbean Curry, Nori Condiment & Cous Cous Cake with Berry Coulis

Module 6: You Are What You Digest

  • Inside Digestion & Common Troubles of the System
  • Five Ways to Strengthen Digestion
  • Styling Dishes to Nourish & Heal
  • Featured Element: Earth – Menus To Maximise Absorption

Cookery Class: - Dishes include Millet, Kale & Tofu Quiche, Amazing Arame Sea Veg Wraps, Apple Hazelnut Deluxe

Module 7:  Party On


  • Party Food
  • Secrets To Culinary Success
  • How Food Heals – Preventing Degenerative Disease
  • Pure Health Cookery For Life

Cookery Class: Party Menu of Sweet & Savoury Goodies

Each Of The 7 Modules Comprise Interactive Training Materials


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Cookery Class Videos

I will walk you through the essential collection of recipes, sharing cooking tips, quick wins and bringing your learning alive.  Video recipe demonstrations embrace starters, main course dishes and delicious sugar free desserts.

Essential Course Worksheets

You will receive valuable materials to expand and apply your learning.  Worksheets cover the breadth of course topics within the areas of Creative Cookery, Food & Health, Practical Wisdom and Ingredients For Life.

Delicious Health Cookbooks

I will give you only winning, delicious and effective recipes that feature variations and ingredient substitutions to take advantage of your own local produce.  Menus for each module’s cookbook are well balanced so you may serve dishes together and also enjoy recipes separately.

“I just love the recipes and create them regularly.  Dishes are well presented, practical & engaging and so diverse in texture, flavour & cooking style.”   Hiromi, Aura-Soma Practitioner. Training

“The videos & course notes are brilliant!  They create the context for our daily activities and are so well linked to the recipes.” Carlota, VegBox Head. Training


You Are Going To LOVE These Bonuses!


I am committed to your success and am gifting you these bonuses so that you can embrace the training fully and extract the most benefit.

Practical Assignments

Assignments cover a range of different cooking projects, tasks to develop your intuition and sensitivity around food, menu design and more.

Forum Membership

Share your thoughts, pictures, ask questions, offer and discover recipe ideas, and much more.

Shopping List

Done for you shopping list with stockist recommendations.

Certificate of Completion

Upon submission of Assignment 6, you will receive your certificate, together with a graphic for display on your website and marketing materials.

Pure Baby Book

Secure a healthy appetite for food and discover a framework to introduce natural foods to babies.  My book; Pure Baby, is complete with recipes for infants and the whole family to enjoy.

Sushi Savvy Guide

Master the easy styling of whole grain sushi and creation of healthy fillings with my Savvy Sushi Guide.  Learn how sushi serves as an ideal balanced, nutritious snack or meal.

Here’s A Recap of What You’ll Get:

WFH certificate-green-portrait-for-website

  • Videos & Cookery Class Demonstrations for over 40 Essential Recipes

  • Course Worksheets with over 150 Pages of Materials

  • 7 Cookbooks

  • Bonus 1:  6 Assignments

  • Bonus 2:  Shopping List

  • Bonus 3:  Forum Membership

  • Bonus 4:  A Certificate of Completion

  • Bonus 5:  Gift of my Pure Baby book

  • Bonus 6:  Gift of my Sushi Savvy Guide

Special 2020 price £95, Previously £345 


After Enrolling, you will receive the Sign Up form to complete your details.


“Over my course, I have felt the benefits to my health and lifestyle.  The training has been life changing and I will be forever grateful to Anna for all her insight and expertise.”  Louise, Massage Practitioner & Teacher. Training


“Anna Freedman has created an inspiring and very necessary e-course on whole foods cooking and profesverne varonasional training that guides participants through unique modules of essential learning and practice.

I know her to be a very dedicated and highly competent individual with an eager passion for health, for living that passion, and for being able to convey this vital information in ways that are imaginative, practical and inspiring.  Verne Varona, Author of Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods

Give The Gift Of Delicious Health 

The Pure Cooks Training makes an ideal festive gift!  An elegant gift voucher is sent to your recipient. 


Training Time

  • I suggest setting aside at least two hours a week for the course content, assignments and cooking.
  • Each module will be delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks throughout the course duration and  you can work on this at your own pace.
  • The training course material is available to you forever!

Welcoming You

Your participation is valued and is very necessary towards the health and nourishment of all.  For your questions please do contact me at welcome@wholefoodharmony.com or call +44 (0)7957 313 187. Towards pure cookery! Anna

Hear From My Fabulous Graduates

“Anna’s teaching has truly inspired and changed me as a person. I know have a greater desire to love my body and invest in my health. I am gaining knowledge, skills, new friends, insightfulness, new recipes and renewed energy and desire to improve my own health and the health of others”
Louise Hough, Massage Practitioner & Teacher. Training
“I have seen so many positive changes in my mood, energy levels, skin, will power, clarity, focus and creativity. The course has given me a vast knowledge on natural food and lifestyle, but very especially about myself! I am learning ways to help my mind and body feel great. I just love that although we are in a group, the course feels very tailored to my own needs.”
Audrey Palacios, Artist & Architect. Training
“I have gained a wealth of new cooking skills and learnt so much about nutrition.  I am far more creative when I cook, thanks to the many more resources I now possess. The course is very hands on and practical. We spent a lot of time cooking and exchanging ideas, recipes and easy ways to integrate healthy habits within our lives. The training has given me the tools to take care of my health and to also assist others to make healthier choices for their own lives. The course has also helped me became closer to myself.  I feel that I’m far more conscious about myself; with the way I eat and my physical health but also with the importance of my spiritual and mental health. It has been a great choice for me to do the course both personally and professionally.  I’m incredibly happy, thank you so very much.”
Carlota Ribeiro Sanches, Head of Organic VegBox Scheme, London. Training
“The learning is fascinating and I am enjoying applying it in my day to day life.  I quickly noticed more energy, less sluggishness and far greater positivity.  The course has given me knowledge, skills and experience for the rest of my life!”
Rachel Woodward, Professional Chef, Fresh & Wild - London. Training

Lilian Kluviers circle
“I love Anna’s recipes, she is always prepared to explain even more if someone has questions about certain ingredients. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to cook vegetarian or macrobiotic food. My husband’s eczema from childhood cleared up within a few weeks of starting the course!”

Lilian Kluviers, Do-In teacher, Netherlands

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“A year on, I still regularly make the dishes and love them. I highly recommend the Pure Cook’s Training to anyone.”

Helen Gubbay, Architect, Israel

Paige Halloran circle
“I am loving this learning journey I am on with all your material. The content is easy to comprehend and the videos are so well presented. You do a WONDERFUL job Anna!”

Paige Halloran, Health Coach, Australia

Louise Wade circle
“I just love the recipes and create them regularly. The course has been life changing – it has transformed my health and lifestyle.”

Louise Wade, doTERRA Wellness Practitioner & Therapist

Sarah Welch circle
“I am just loving the food that I am creating and experiencing. I feel that I am starting to get to grips with something that I have been trying to understand for years. I am experimenting with foods in a way that I never dared before!”

Sarah Welch, Finance Manager, UK

Naz circle
“Anna has helped me to better understand how food affects my body and vitality. The course provides an excellent balance of teaching and allowing you own creativity to come through, and pushes you to try new things and ways of thinking. I have much more energy and positivity now and have gained a sound foundation on macrobiotics and qualities of each food group, the seasons and affects of the elements on the body.”

Naz Maghounaki, The Veganista, UK

WFH symbol circle lighter
“This course has transformed my cooking, my approach to food and enjoyment of it. I was stuck in a rut of the same types of meals, but the course has opened my eyes (and tummy) to a wide variety of delicious and healthy food. I have more energy and enjoy cooking and eating much more. A big thank you to Anna!”

Maria Shepherd, UK

Jo Gumbley circle
“My recipe recreations have made us all very happy and been a massive hit for our family. I made the Pumpkin and Butterbean curry last night and it was a huge success with me, my husband and 9 year old daughter. Managed to feed 3 of us for 2 nights in a row.”

Joanna Gumbley, Yoga Teacher, Australia

WFH symbol circle lighter
“I wanted to thank you for your brilliant course. I really like the mix of cooking and the energetics of food.”

Terry Williams, Herbalist, UK

Anna Freedman

Anna FreedmanAnna Freedman’s approach and work come commended by her students and those she trained with, including Macrobiotic teachers from the school of Michio Kushi and professional Integral Coaches. Her published book; Pure Baby: Give A Beautiful Beginning, is highly regarded by Dr Yehudi Gordon’s team and others.

Regular media coverage includes magazines, radio and TV features. Anna founded Wholefood Harmony over six years ago.  Since it’s inception, Wholefood Harmony has enhanced the lives of thousands of people and their families from the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  Aside from running a thriving practice, Anna enjoys teaching Iyengar Yoga styles to her toddler Jemima!

Anna is a qualified Macrobiotic Cook & Health Coach with a BSc in Biology and a qualification in Management Accountancy.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bookings are non refundable.  We regret that refunds cannot be given should a student leave the course.
  • All ecourse materials are the intellectual property of Anna Freedman (Wholefood Harmony).
  • The materials are for the sole use of individuals enrolled on the ecourse.  As an ecourse student you may view and read all the materials that are part of the ecourse.  You may also print off any screen and pdf pages for your personal use, but please do not share, communicate, publish or in any manner distribute to other parties the ecourse, login and password or any other materials.
  • The terms and conditions regarding use of materials apply upon enrolling for the course, while you are taking the ecourse, and upon and after completion, or withdrawing from the ecourse.
  • Reference materials and links provided in the ecourse are provided by Wholefood Harmomy. Wholefood Harmony does not assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of content contained in reference materials or links.

“Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks.” Lin Yutang

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