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Pure Baby - Give A Beautiful Beginning 

Pure Baby:  Give a Beautiful Beginning is a unique synthesis of baby development and natural food wisdom for pregnancy and the first year.

Find out how to nourish your baby over the critical, early period and secure a healthy start for life.

Pure Baby presents key ways to endorse long term health for both the new mother and her child. Macrobiotic expert Anna Freedman weaves healthy food and Eastern medicine, gentle parenting and loving sleep solutions together with key insight on baby growth and an invaluable cookbook of whole food recipes.

This is a beautiful and imperative read for everyone nurturing the vitality of our next generation.

Over the three pregnancy trimesters and twelve monthly chapters, receive:

  • Baby development diaries
  • Vital natural food and health wisdom for you and baby
  • A pure food weaning programme
  • 24 essential plant-based recipes to nourish pregnancy, entry to motherhood and baby’s first year

Pure Baby is the perfect companion for new parents wanting the best for their baby. Pure Baby is an all encompassing portrait of the first year, as a baby discovers new senses and tastes, and is nourished by Anna’s healthy and wholesome recipes.
Dr Carolyn Goh
(BEng., MSc., PhD., MBBS) Author of Baby Bowen

The most recent, outstanding and updated natural and macrobiotic baby book you must read!  With wisdom, tips and recipes from pregnancy through the first year, Pure Baby is the the definitive support for parents to secure health for their baby from the start.  Delight in the wholesome dishes for pregnancy and as a new parent, and help your baby develop healthily with Anna Freedman’s natural food weaning guidance and cookbook.  Beautifully written and very highly recommended!
Marijke De Coninck
Author of  Pure & Vegetarian, Macrobiotic Teacher & Counselor

If you would like to know how to nourish yourself and your baby during pregnancy and beyond, read Anna Freedman’s charming and practical book.  It is easy to read and takes the mystery out of cooking pure food.  This book sits very comfortably with my understanding that babies are conscious from conception, and that their brains are patterned by their environment, this includes the food we eat.
Kitty Hagenbach co-founder with Dr Yehudi  Gordon of Babies Know

I loved your book…I felt I was with you as you journeyed through your first year with Jemima.
I wish that this book had existed when I had my first baby and searched for a simple yet rich book that would have given me ideas about
a milk other than my own and a practical healthy route to weaning.
I would recommend it to any new parent wondering how to feed themselves healthily and naturally during pregnancy and the first year of their baby’s life.
Having had the pleasure of cooking with you in your kitchen I also suggest to anyone nervous or eager to know more, that it’s worth while taking a Kitchen Impact Course.
Helen Biscoe Taylor, Psychotherapist and Parenting Coach

A moving journal through a mother and baby’s first year with valuable insights and gentle suggestions for mothers who are passionate about wholesome produce.  I particularly liked the descriptions of your instinctive, responsive style of mothering and the obvious joy you have had over the first year of nurturing, teaching and learning with Jemima. And I am looking forward to trying out some recipes for healthy dishes that are just a little bit different.
Kate Shepherd, NCT Teacher and Antenatal teacher at the Bump & Baby Club

An easy-to-read ebook for young mothers-to-be that gives them the confidence to make a similar healthy journey.  This book chronicles how to naturally support the body during pregnancy and early babyhood.  Anna Freedman’s writing is reassuring and supportive and full of good, healthy advice.  Highly recommended.
Michael Rossoff
, L.Ac.  Acupuncturist, Macrobiotic Teacher & Counselor

I love Pure Baby.  This is a wonderful reminder of the moment to moment wonder that a new baby is. New mothers would benefit by reading this especially when the routine and the tiredness takes over and clouds the mind.  The foods seem delicious and very beneficial.  I will recommend this book to all my expectant mothers.
Ana Maria Lavin
, MBAC MRCHM DipAc LicCHM.  Acupuncturist

Beautifully written, with a a sensitive, human approach to what most mothers experience.   I have been inspired by the recipes and ideas for nourishing little ones and found the cookbook really useful, which I’m sure I will return to often.  I realised how important it is not to deplete energy with alcohol or caffeine, so many mothers would benefit from knowing this!
Rachel Lex, Midwife.

A truly fantastic insight into giving your baby the healthiest and brightest start in life. A joyful and beautifully written journey mother and baby take as they learn and develop together.  Full of wonderful ideas and tips to aid your little ones development and provide healthy and wholesome nutrition for you and your baby.
Karen Luna, Baby Senory

The macrobiotic and natural food approach opens up a whole new option for one to nourish a new baby and a post natal mummy.  I’ll be trying out the recipes and am inspired to cook healthier meals.
Grace Sabri, Sing and Sign Teacher

Paperback now available, order here GBP 9.99

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Pure Baby - Give A Beautiful Beginning

Format: Ebook
Shambhala House (December 2013)
Sold by:
Amazon, iTunes, Wholefood Harmony
ISBN: 978-0-9927771-2-8 / 978-0-9927771-0-4

About The Author Anna Freedman is expert in taking the mystery out of macrobiotics.  Her sensible natural food approach and delicious recipes are widely followed for their health expanding effects, ease of integration into modern living and wonderful taste. Anna is a qualified macrobiotic cook and health coach, with a biology training, and wide experience teaching, catering and positively changing lives.  She appears on TV and radio and is featured regularly in various publications including Vegetarian Living and Juno Natural Parenting Magazine.  Anna is the founder of Wholefood Harmony, the Cookery School which inspires health through delicious natural cuisine.