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 1. Go For Greens

  • Delight in seasonal, fresh, green vegetables.  Veggies carry pure live energy for complete nourishment and a healthy radiance.
  • Leafy greens are a great tool to cleanse your body, detox your liver and dissolve away any accumulation.
  • Variety is key to achieving balance, so embrace diversity in the vegetables and cooking styles you enjoy.

Try servings of kale, cavelo nero, spring greens, cabbages, leeks and broccoli prepared by stir frying, blanching, steaming and water sautéing.

2. Eat Whole Food

  • Select whole and natural ingredients as they restore balance and regulate health, acting by healing, cleansing and strengthening the body.  
  • Whole grains offer important dietary fibre to support the functioning of your entire digestive tract.  When the digestive system operates optimally, your energy levels soar.
  • Whole foods are natural and carry a complete nutrient content. They have not been afflicted by processing or tarnished by additives, preservatives and sugar. Whole foods are therefore of the highest quality and they provide an abundance of minerals and nutrients the body requires for full health. 

Use an array of whole grains and pulses such as brown basmati rice, millet, barley, quinoa and chickpeas, lentils and adzuki beans.

3.  Snack Well

  • Prepare yummy, healthy snacks and treats with ease and remain nourished during the day and at work. 
  • Go for foods with more complex molecules and no added fat.  Such snacks are digested slowly and facilitate more stable blood sugar levels and steady concentration than the simple sugars that for example chocolate and biscuits provide. 
  • In addition use whole grain sweetners such as rice syrup as an alternative to sugar.

 Enjoy toasted seeds & nuts, rice krispy treats (made from rice syrup), oat cookies, seasonal fruit, homemade humous & veggies, polenta cake, cabbage wraps, sushi, spring rolls.


What are the essential Macrobiotic Principles?

The Big Life
Macrobiotic is a Greek word meaning ‘the big life’.  Macrobiotics originated from a traditional Japanese wisdom, which embraces a truly holistic approach.  The concept is not only about enjoying whole, natural foods and nurturing balance in the body, but also embraces other areas of life.

Variety of Whole Foods
Macrobiotics brings delicious, vitalising and seasonal foods together with Eastern medical wisdom that emphasises natural body balance.  The style is about enjoying pure, unrefined foods that enhance the body’s health and harmony.

Balanced eating
Macrobiotics promotes a balanced diet, with plenty of plant based foods across an array of whole grains, beans, seasonal vegetables and vegetables of the sea.  The ingredients are cooked for a perfect medley of flavour, texture and colour.

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