The seasons are altering and our bodies need to adjust for this change.

Can we tell how well we are aligned with natures’ rhythm?

Autumn is a popular time of year when colds and flu can exert their presence.  In eastern medicine Autumn is indeed connected with the lungs.  When the lungs discharge and cleanse themselves, symptoms of mucus and phlegm may arise.  Perhaps we have indulged in mucus causing foods like ice cream over the summer, or we have lapped up sun on an exceptionally hot day sandwiched amidst the colder weather.

So we must wait and see how we get on in the next season, in order to assess how well we fared in the current season.

Try these two macrobiotic plasters to help the lungs discharge this Autumn:

Lotus Root Plaster
Lotus root is fantastic to get rid of mucus from the body, so it has great benefit used on the nose and throat areas, particularly in cases like sinusitis.  Grate fresh lotus root and combine with quarter tsp grated ginger and half tsp flour.  Apply to skin.

Mustard Plaster
This plaster works on similar conditions to the lotus root plaster.  The mustard generates a lot of heat so dont apply this one directly to the skin, apply on a towel first and then to the skin.  Make mustard powder by crushing mustard seeds and mix with enough hot water to form a paste, or simply opt for the mustard paste from a jar.  The mustard acts by dislodging stagnation and accumulation in the body and helping the circulation.  This plaster is a great remedy for congested lungs with conditions like bronchitis.