DSCF3158sJemima turned two years old this week!

In celebration of this epic moment, we hold a gathering complete with musical fun, party food, little people and large parents alike.

I know the prerequisites for my party food prove challenging.  Pleasing both children and adults, being scrumptious and sweet yet sugar free, and surpassing any expectations.  Above all,  the collection of dishes had to be swift to prepare.  I only had the evening prior and morning of the party day in which to assemble the bulk of the spread.

I go for a buffet of dishes to delight all ages.  I take time to deliberate my menu choices.  I want sweet and savoury items that people recognise, yet are prepared with a healthy edge.

What follows is my menu of home-made dishes which did indeed excite, delight and nourish all members of our party.  I am thrilled to add that I received plenty of exclamations of wow and no post tea hyperactivity was exhibited at all!

Sugar Free Toddler Tea Party Menu

Savoury dishes:

  • Open sandwiches with toppings of humous, guacamole and more
  • Spring rolls of avocado, cucumber, carrot and brown rice vermicelli noodles, complete with dipping sauce (these disappeared first)
  • Kale crisps
  • Crudites of rainbow coloured carrots, cucumber, celery and more served with humous dips

Sweet things:

  • Fruit kebabs and fruit platters
  • Apple rings with peanut butter, dessicated coconut and raisins
  • Peanut chocolate sauce (made in minutes by whizzing oat cream, peanut butter and cocoa)
  • Coconut oat cookies
  • Raw chocolate brownies (another fast blend of ground almond, raisin, coconut and cocoa)
  • Salted caramel popcorn (I coated the popcorn with an assembly of coconut butter, maple syrup and pinch of salt, and this went down a treat!)
  • Sugar and dairy free cakes of banana, carrot and date.
  • Ginger Birthday Cake with a delicious icing (all sugar and dairy free!)