A recipe of simple yet powerful ingredients for healthy eating…

Eat Whole Foods
Wholefoods are natural and carry a complete nutrient content. They have not been afflicted by processing or tarnished by additives, preservatives and sugar. Wholefoods are therefore of the highest quality and they provide all the minerals and nutrients the body requires for full health. We love using an array of whole grains and pulses as they restore balance and regulate health, acting by healing, cleansing and strengthening.

Add Some Greens
Delight in seasonal, fresh, local, organic fruit and vegetables where you can.  Such foods are aligned to the environment and vibrant, carrying pure live energy for complete nourishment and a healthy radiance. Variety is key to achieving balance and Wholefood Harmony seeks to inspire and empower people into developing diversity in their meals.

Integrate Flavours To Combat Cravings
Integrate the five different flavours into your main courses.  Keep the flavours pure by using natural ingredients and taste the salty, sour, pungent, bitter and savoury sweetness of your dishes.  A balance of flavours within a meal will help you feel nourished and satisfied after the meal, and not give rise to cravings!

Wholefood Harmony RecipesA spoonful less sugar
Sugar is found in all manner of foods from baked goods and chocolate to fizzy drinks and processed foods.  However sugar is a very highly refined substance lacking in any minerals and can cause an over acid condition of the blood.  Sugar can prevent sustained, stable energy levels and has infact been linked with a multitude of illnesses and diseases.

Take a seat, feel relaxed and chew well
Sit down to eat at a clear table.  Being relaxed and chewing your food are really important for effective digestive functioning.  Your gut can respond to how you are feeling, and the action of chewing begins the digestive process activating key enzymes.