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October Harvest

The last of the produce from the Wholefood Harmony Garden – a very large courgette!  It quickly become zucchini tempura.  Fresh and crispy, we love garden-to-plate!

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Spring Cleanse

Three of my favourite tips to facilitate your delicious cleanse this season.

Vegetable Heaven
Go for as many servings of vegetables as you can. Green vegetables and sea vegetables are ideal for cleansing. They are abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients? Their fresh, nutrient rich quality will flush away any accumulation from your body.

Souper Soups
Broth […]

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Pancake Day!

These pancakes are just fabulous – they are dairy and sugar free, (of course!) so suitable for those wanting a yummy, healthy pancake and for those with dietary sensitivities.

Buckwheat Pancakes

Quarter cup buckwheat flour

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1 and a half tbs sunflower oil

1 cup rice milk

Quarter tsp sea salt

2 tsp baking powder

Combine […]

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Wholefood Harmony on Radio 4

Anna Freedman from Wholefood Harmony discusses Super Foods on Radio 4, Gardeners’ Question Time.

Anna talks about Super Foods at the Amico Bio Restaurant in London.

Also on the panel are Bob Flowerdew, organic gardener and radio and televsision presenter,  and Dr Geoffrey Webb, nutrition writer and consultant from the University of East London.

Hear about:

Tune in […]

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Recipe For A Healthy New Year

Four essential ingredients to detox and cleanse your system and make a healthy start to 2012.

1.  Dine Regularly
Eat routine meals at a similar time each day and try to avoid snacking between meals.  Eating regular meals is crucial to prevent becoming very hungry suddenly and grabbing quick processed snacks and sugar fixes.

2.  Protect Your […]

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Bella’s Seasons Greetings

Bella Magazine, December 2011

I contributed to Bella’s feature “Stay In Sparkling Shape” for Christmas.
Break The Sugar Spiral
“I recommend rice syrup – it’s used by the body more slowly so you won’t get the blood sugar highs and lows you get with normal sugar.  Use in your Christmas baking instead of sugar or squeeze onto […]

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Power Conscious Living Masterclass

Time: December 7, 2011 from 7pm to 9pm
City/Town: LONDON, NW8 9EB
Website or Map:
Phone: 07944761140
Event Type: masterclass

Explore the pure food wisdom to detoxify, fuel health and empower nourishment. Find out about using food to vitalise your body and energise your […]

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Wellbeing Pots

Wellbeing Pots brought to you by Wellbeing In The City and created by Wholefood Harmony.  Delight your appetitie and nourish your health.  Each pot is made with love using all honestly healthy, organic, vegetarian ingredients.  Wholefood Harmony inspire health through delicious natural cuisine and offer Food & Health Coaching, Cooking […]

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Tips To Slow Sugar Cravings

Sugar may give you quick energy bursts but it really is a deadly substance.  Sugar is linked with all manner of health conditions and disease.  Sugar is very artificial, it has been stripped of all nutrient content and actually leaches nutrition from the body in order to be metabolised.  So sugar sacrifices full body […]

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Food Hospital

I really like this new series on Tuesdays, Channel 4.

This week the show featured among others, Laura a crohn’s sufferer.  The crohn’s had spread along her digestive tract to her mouth.  Laura’s gums and lips were raw and terribly ulcerated and rashes were appearing on many areas of her body.  The scans showed the […]

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