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Chickpea & Sweet Potato Cakes

By Guestblogger Carlota Ribeiro Sanches,Graduate of the Pure Cook’s Training 2014

Carlota shares one of her yummy recipes from her final cooking project on the Pure Cook’s Training.

I wanted to create a menu that could be used daily, using organic seasonal vegetables, easy to prepare, with a lot of different flavours and textures – rich and wholesome dishes […]

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3 Tips For Healthy New Year Nourishment

 1. Go For Greens

Delight in seasonal, fresh, green vegetables.  Veggies carry pure live energy for complete nourishment and a healthy radiance.
Leafy greens are a great tool to cleanse your body, detox your liver and dissolve away any accumulation.
Variety is key to achieving balance, so embrace diversity in the vegetables and cooking styles you enjoy.

Try servings of […]

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Welcoming Winter

By Guestblogger Carlota Ribeiro Sanches,
Graduate of the Pure Cook’s Training 2014

Seasons not only have a great impact on soil and crops but they also have a profound impact in our minds and bodies.

Chinese ancient traditions say that we are greatly influenced by the changes in climate and therefore should respect and live according to […]

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E-Course Lift Off!

Get ready for the Wholefood Cook’s Training E-Course launch and begin training in January 2015!

I’m really excited about launching this E-Course and have have been super busy filming the cookery demonstrations and teaching lessons for this dynamic course.

Plus I am putting together all the course material across a wealth of areas:  Creative Cookery, Food & […]

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My Top 5 Plant Proteins

I am a huge fan of plant proteins!

Protein from plants has so many great benefits.

Plant proteins contain all eight essential amino acids.

Animal meat and dairy is acidifying to the blood, and must be converted into toxic ammonia and uric acid, before being excreted.  However plant protein is alkalising and easy for the body to […]

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Kitchen Garden Bumper Crop

Alongside broad beans and runner beans, courgette and pumpkin, our Wholefood Harmony Kitchen Garden’s bumper crop this year was tomatoes.  These are the fruits from a single tomato plant!

Now I know tomatoes are a nightshade and I use them sparingly in classes, but in the midst of summer this fresh, ripe harvest is a […]

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Take 5 Steps To Your Delicious Health

1.  Go Yummy
Yummy food is central to your realistic and sustainable eating style.  Make your food rich and flavourful.  You can continue eating bland food all evening.  But tasty food is different.  You will notice that delicious food leaves you feeling satisfied far earlier.

2.  Variety
Use the different types of ingredient in each meal.  Get […]

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Red Lentil & Chestnut Loaf

A lovely, festive recipe full of the winter fragrances of sage and chestnut.



2 cups red lentils
4 cups water
Strip kombu sea vegetable
Half onion diced
1 clove garlic finely cut
Handful sage Sprig fresh rosemary
Handful soft chestnuts
3 leaves kale roughly cut
Half butternut squash – diced
Half a cup ground almonds
Bay leaf
Dash sesame oil[/itemlist]


Combine lentils, chestnuts, kombu and bayleaf in […]

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Exclusive Organic Produce Offer

We are delighted to announce an exclusive offer to Wholefood Harmony students from the Organic Delivery Company.

Receive 25% off your first purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables.  See attached voucher for details.  Simply place your order online at  Then contact Clare at quoting the cooking course or […]

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Store-Bought Baby Food Offers Little Benefit to Homemade Purees

Great article about homemade baby food vs supermarket jars.  Very pleased to see the evidence here!


Commercial baby foods offer little nutritional benefit over breast milk and infants would get more from homemade purees than from a jar when transitioning to a solid food diet, a study found.

Researchers looked at more than 450 products for […]

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