Alongside broad beans and runner beans, courgette and pumpkin, our Wholefood Harmony Kitchen Garden’s bumper crop this year was tomatoes.  These are the fruits from a single tomato plant!

tomatoesNow I know tomatoes are a nightshade and I use them sparingly in classes, but in the midst of summer this fresh, ripe harvest is a welcome treat.  At this time, the tomatoes are cooling and light.

Outside of their season, I am careful about heavy tomato indulgence.  Particularly I would refrain from tomato and other nightshade exposure for these with inflammation, auto immune conditions or poor health.

Tomatoes grow quickly overnight, as I have witnessed this summer!  Their sodium to potassium ratio is far different to that of our own cells.

Nightshades contain active alkaloids; solanine and solanadine.  These compounds slow the production of an enzyme involved in the transmission of nerve impulses.  This means that the nerve endings become overstimulated and this can lead to muscle weakness, muscle twitching, intestinal trouble and more.

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