My favourite protein and iron rich feast of a dish.  Plenty of dark leafy greens, alfalfa sprouts, sauerkraut and sumptuous tempeh.

Tempeh is the favoured fermented soy bean product, originally from Indonesia and often found in the freezer section of a health food store.  Tempeh is favoured for it’s top nutrition, protein, iron and B12 content.

For the Tempeh Platter:

Bay leaf
Kombu sea vegetable
Several ginger pieces finely sliced

Cut the tempeh into cubed pieces and simmer in water to cover, with a strip of kombu, 3 tblsp shoyu, sliced ginger  and bay leaf for 20 minutes.
Fry the tempeh on each side in sesame oil.

For the Bed of Greens:

1 Leek
Handful mushrooms
2 generous handful kale leaves
Handful alfalfa sprouts
2 tblsp sauerkraut

While the tempeh is cooking, slice the leek, mushrooms and prepare the kale.
Now using the same pan as for the tempeh, fry the leeks, and cook for4 minutes.  Add the mushrooms and kale, and cook until turning tender, about 3 minutes.  Then add sauerkraut, alfalfa sprouts, ginger pieces (from the tempeh marinade) and cook for another minute, before returning the tempeh to the pan and serving.

Note:  I like to keep the tempeh in the oven once it is fried.  This preserves is yummy, crispy texture!