Guestaurant’s lovely article reviews our Healty Treats & Snacks Class from the Love Food Nourish Life Course

A few extracts from the piece are here..

Anna’s passion is about truly nourishing a person with healthy food that makes you feel great.

The concept of the series is very straight forward: to teach her audience about great food, ingredients and techniques, and how food can enhance your life and health in general.

We began with the beetroot soup accompanied by some lovely sourdough. It was earthy, sweet and surprisingly fresh from the beetroots, nicely balanced with a little lemon juice, some fresh spring onions and the added carrots and courgettes, which all added their own delicate flavours and textures to the dish and surprisingly were not overpowered by the beetroot at all. It was an instant success with everyone.

Not because I helped to make it, but the red lentil pate was a huge success. It had great texture from the lentils, squash, carrots and roasted walnuts and was beautifully flavoured with tomato passata, tamari sauce (which is a gluten-free soy sauce) and the added bay leaf. To my great surprise we even added kombu to the pate, which is a sea weed (this time coming from Ireland) and helps digestion.

The samosas were my personal favourites. Stuffed with a stir-fried mix of sweet potatoes, courgettes, purple sprouting broccoli and fragrant curry spices, tightly wrapped in thin filo pastry, brushed with oil and baked in the oven, these were crunchy with juicy filling, just the right bite-size and super-delicious.

Then came the crunchy veggie mix wrapped in rice paper, which was fresh, light but still very filling and we all loved the addition of the fresh mint. It reminded me of my favourite Vietnamese loempias (spring rolls) but was a much healthier alternative as it was not fried in oil at the end. Instead we stir-fried all the vegetables upfront in a wok and then filled the softened rice-paper wrappers with the delicious-crunchy stuffing.

One true favourite for me from the evening was the sauerkraut slaw: so simple and delicious and the way the added carrots and apple sweetened the sauerkraut, it was truly yummy!!

The cookies were prepared with malt barley instead of sugar and this added a deep toffee-like flavour to it. The delight was spicy with cinnamon, soft and delicate and worked amazingly well with the peanut butter and raisins it was stuffed with.

All-in-all I had a very nice evening,   I had some great food, learned new recipes, which I know I will do again and again – a sign of success.

I also met fantastic people with amazing and inspiring stories. If I may call out one particular person that best described the experience it had to be Andy. Andy she has lactose and gluten intolerance, which has been making it very difficult for her not only to eat out, but even to find the right kind of ingredients in general to have a normal daily life. She has been a regular at Wholefood Harmony kitchen and exclaimed that this is not only tasty and safe but probably heaven itself.

What a perfect testament to Wholefood Harmony!

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