Muriel Beacon

She was the queen of fishcakes, the hostess of legendary family gatherings and a truly wonderful grandmother.
Muriel Beacon was remembered with much love last week on television.  Thank you to the many family members and friends for viewing and celebrating her life.

I was honoured to film with Gino D’Acampo and bring alive healthy updates of her famous recipes.  As the There’s No Taste Like Home menu card states..

This family feast has been passed down through Anna’s family for generations with Anna learning the family recipes from Grandma Muriel as a child.  Her great grandparents Annie and Harry Beacon came over to Liverpool from Poland and Russia and were instrumental in creating a vibrant community there.

Anna remembers Grandma Muriel rising at 5am every day to cook and their home was always open to the whole community.   Anna’s predominant memory of her Grandparent’s is the abundance of home cooked food, and whenever she makes this dish she is whisked back to her childhoond where Muriel would give her fishcakes to eat on the journey home to London.

The fishcakes are made with haddock, whiting and bream.  Kugel is a baked casserole dish with grated carrots, courgettes, garlic and parsley.  Tzimmos is a tasty portion of carrots and prunes and Anna serves a pickled cucumber salad with these dishes to create a fresh, light feast.

Tzimmes, Kugel & Cucumber Salad

Muriel & Maishe Beacon