I’ve been preparing for examinations as a Healing Cook and exploring plasters as natural remedies.  Ditch the plastic band aids in favour of these effective home cures.

Tofu Plaster
I love the cooling nature of tofu in this plaster.  You will notice all the heat from your injury immediately is drawn out into the tofu.  So this plaster is ideal for burns, fevers and inflammation.  Mash a few tablespoons tofu with quarter tsp grated ginger and half tsp flour.  Apply directly to skin.

Nori Plaster
Simply wrap a little nori tightly around any cuts and add a little water to help the nori bind.  The nori plaster is perfect to stop bleeding and help any cuts heal.  Try out the magic of nori for yourself!

Leafy Greens
This is know as the chlorophyll plaster and works to cool the skin and reduce heat and burning.  The plaster is great for bone injuires especially around the ankle and knee, and to help lower fever and inflammation.
Cut 2 handfulls of any green vegetable – cabbage, kale, watercress, spinach all work well.  Cut the vegetables finely and then pound them in a mortar and pestle if you have one (otherwise known as a suribachi).  Then combine with half a tsp flour and mix to a paste.  Appy directly to the skin.

Buckwheat Plaster
Simply mix buckwheat flour with enough hot water to form a sticky paste.  Apply to any areas of water retention such as around the arms or legs.

Lotus Root Plaster
This one is great to get rid of mucus from the body, so it has great benefit used on the nose and throat areas, particularly in cases like sinusitis.  Grate fresh lotus root and combine with quarter tsp grated ginger and half tsp flour.  Apply to skin.

Mustard Plaster
This plaster works on similar conditions to the lotus root plaster.  The mustard generates a lot of heat so dont apply this one directly to the skin, apply on a towel first and then to the skin.  Make mustard powder by crushing mustard seeds and mix with enough hot water to form a paste, or simply opt for the mustard paste from a jar.  The mustard acts by dislodging stagnation and accumulation in the body and helping the circulation.  This plaster is a great remedy for congested lungs with conditions like bronchitis.

Potato Plaster
Peel and grate the potato and add a little flour to make a paste again.  This plaster can be used for deep conditions like pneumonia and warts and is effective at drawing any toxicity out of the body.

Plastic band aids will never be the same!