By Guestblogger Ana Muriel
Student of the Pure Cook’s Training 2015.

ana_plumaI am delighted to welcome guestblogger Ana.  Here, she shares her very personal story of how whole foods healed and brought her life back.  Ana runs fantastic yoga and nutritional programmes, visit her site for next events;

The art of taking care of my body started long time ago as a battle when I found myself fighting against a complex Anorexia Nervosa. A disorder well known nowadays that takes the mind into a place of starvation and the body into a place of complete depletion.
I endured a complex processes and medical intervention but survived.

Something was left after that significant combat between mind and body: a sense of wonder in my spirit.
I kept asking to myself, why, how and what can I do to empower others to live better lives, to acknowledge and have passion and true joy in the experience of living.

During those days of fighting with the disease, I suffered a very clear disconnection from life, a disengagement with reality. I felt a constant sense of lacking and detachment. I wanted others who were going through similar experiences, to have a way out.

The small steps with medical treatments and allowing myself to be nourished with true whole foods, started to give me an understanding and some kind of empowerment towards embracing a new life.

As I ate more nutrient-dense foods, I started to feel life was back. The life force that proper nutrition gave me, took me into a journey of many years of seeing how food was truly a healing medicine and then, how my body became a temple through which then movement was expressed with joy.

So forwarding this story 22 years later , I am now a healthy woman and mother of 2 beautiful boys. A Health Coach and Moving Arts practitioner. I teach people how to live great lives. I´m all about moving the body in creative ways, all about making life tasty, luscious and gracefully elegant.

I keep learning from teachers that inspire me and resonate with my passion from all over the globe so that I keep my flame for knowledge alive. The Pure Cook’s Training program with Anna Freedman has given me the tools, inspiration and empowerment, to gain more ideas, to study deeper the nutritional aspects and connections between energy and food. And more so, the possibility as a mother to pass this onto my boys with fun and delicious recipes.

Thank you Anna you are certainly an inspiring woman, teacher and amazing cook!

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