Wholefood Harmony are catering divine food for this 11:11:11 workshop on the 11th of November 2011.

Divine food for nourishment, healing and balance.
Cooked with love to nourish the qualities of the elements and uphold the energy of 11 11 11.

Sample Menu for the day
There will be eleven dishes to uphold the energy of 11:11:11


Nourishing Pumpkin Soup (Earth Element)

Vitality Wraps (Fire Element)
Green Goddess Salad (Tree Element)
Red Lentil & Walnut Pate (Water Element)
Coriander & Olive Polenta Cake (Metal Element)


Seasonal Vegetable Soup (Water Element)

Chickpea and Root Vegetable Casserole (Earth Element)
Brown Rice Risotto (Metal Element)
Samosa Heaven (Fire Element)
Healing Greens with zesty dressing (Tree Element)

Apple & Pear Cake with hazelnut cream (Earth Element)

All ingredients are honestly healthy and are organic, vegan, natural and sugar free.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are all local and seasonal.
  • The Water element grants deep energy, wisdom and calm.
  • The Tree element connects with expression and movement as the branches of trees dance in the wind.
  • The Fire element relates to joy and passion. Small, fiery ingredients such as quinoa or polenta nourish the Fire energy.
  • Earth ingredients generate sweetness and create feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • The qualities of the Metal element bestow structure and clarity in life.  The structure of each whole grain is complete.

The workshop lead by Toks Coker will enhance your thinking, your feelings, your knowing and your actions in a positive supportive wholesome way. We will be linking in with many other great energetic actions and wonderful beings around the world. A very full intense yet gentle happy playful day to bring in laughter, sunshine and your Holy Divinity. You will dress up and shine the light in your life with colour, vibrancy and movement. You will receive a work book and enjoy home cooked food making new empowering friends. Naturally you will give and receive with every breath of love, light and joy. A remembrance of who you truly are. A bridge to Oneness, Vitality, the Positive Unknown and Beyond. An activation to be consciously aware and discerning. A wake up call to who you truly are right now. And much more.

Read more about the workshop here and visit here for bookings.