Take 5 Steps To Your Delicious Health

1.  Go Yummy
Yummy food is central to your realistic and sustainable eating style.  Make your food rich and flavourful.  You can continue eating bland food all evening.  But tasty food is different.  You will notice that delicious food leaves you feeling satisfied far earlier.

2.  Variety
Use the different types of ingredient in each meal.  Get […]

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Becoming Autumn

The seasons are altering and our bodies need to adjust for this change.

Can we tell how well we are aligned with natures’ rhythm?

Autumn is a popular time of year when colds and flu can exert their presence.  In eastern medicine Autumn is indeed connected with the lungs.  When the lungs discharge and cleanse themselves, […]

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Macrobiotic Blackberry Jam

It’s harvest time in the Wholefood Harmony garden! We have been enjoying delicious macrobiotic blackberry jam…

Regular fruit pectin requires your jam to be 55-85% sugar in order to set firmly.  We have found a great product we like to use for our jam making – Pomona’s Universal Pectin.  Its jelling power is activated by […]

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Spring Cleanse

Three of my favourite tips to facilitate your delicious cleanse this season.

Vegetable Heaven
Go for as many servings of vegetables as you can. Green vegetables and sea vegetables are ideal for cleansing. They are abundant in antioxidants and phytonutrients? Their fresh, nutrient rich quality will flush away any accumulation from your body.

Souper Soups
Broth […]

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Recipe For A Healthy New Year

Four essential ingredients to detox and cleanse your system and make a healthy start to 2012.

1.  Dine Regularly
Eat routine meals at a similar time each day and try to avoid snacking between meals.  Eating regular meals is crucial to prevent becoming very hungry suddenly and grabbing quick processed snacks and sugar fixes.

2.  Protect Your […]

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Macrobiotics For Healthy Living

Positive Health Magazine, December 2011
In this article I take the mystery out of macrobiotics and demonstrate that this ancient approach to food and well-being is of paramount significance to us all right now.
Read my full Positive Health Magazine article here

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Autumn Seminar

We are delighted to be catering the lunch for the Autumn Seminar

Macrobiotic Association Autumn Seminar & AGM

Saturday 26th November 2011; 10:30am to 5:00pm

at the London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

Nearest underground stations Holborn and Aldwych

Anna Mackenzie Desserts, Pickles and the Five Flavours
David McCarthy Macrobiotics — The Logical Choice
Simon […]

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Homemade Band Aids

I’ve been preparing for examinations as a Healing Cook and exploring plasters as natural remedies.  Ditch the plastic band aids in favour of these effective home cures.

Tofu Plaster
I love the cooling nature of tofu in this plaster.  You will notice all the heat from your injury immediately is drawn out into […]

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What does Macrobiotics mean to me?

Your Whole Self
Macrobiotics is a way of living life to the full.  That’s what the word ‘Macrobiotics’ means.  Macrobiotics is an approach to life encompassing your whole being – your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional facets.  So macrobiotics is about more than just food.  However the practice of eating, since […]

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