Old Food becomes Whole Food in a new TV show that turns traditional recipes into Madonna friendly cuisine.

Wholefood Harmony founder and Macrobiotic Health Coach, Anna Freedman appears with celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo in the new ITV series ‘There’s No Taste Like Home’.  Anna takes a 300 year-old Russian meal and gives the dish a macrobiotic spin.

“Macrobiotics is about enjoying pure, unrefined foods that enhance the body’s health and balance”, says Anna. “I was honoured to meet Gino and bring alive healthy updates of my family’s legendary recipes.”

Macrobiotic, meaning the big life, is a form of personalised diet bringing delicious, vitalising and seasonal foods together with Eastern medical wisdom that emphasises natural body balance.  Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are passionate advocates.

“I guide people to expand their health using nutritionally balanced, whole food and I develop realistic plans tailor-made to the individuals’ health, lifestyle, goals and tastes” adds Anna.

Natural and unprocessed foods bestow powerful benefits to health and mitigate against disease.  Macrobiotic foods act by cleansing and detoxifying, stabilising blood sugar levels, and healing and strengthening the body.

Wholefood Harmony inspires health through delicious natural cuisine and offers Health Consultations and Coaching, Cooking Workshops, Events and Catering.  The “Love Food Nourish Life” course is designed to guide participants through a repertoire of tasty healthy dishes that integrate the wisdom of natural food.

The course begins in London on Thursday 6th October and classes include themed teaching, hands on cooking and enjoyment of over seven different dishes.  Regular Vitality Clubs also take place to support and fuel peoples’ nourishment, health and energy.

You can find the recipes created on the ITV show and further details about Wholefood Harmony events and Holistic Health Coaching at www.wholefoodharmony.com.

There’s No Taste Like Home is on ITV daily for 6 weeks from September 26th and Anna appears on the 10th October show.


Notes For Editors[itemlist]

  • Anna Freedman is a qualified and accredited Macrobiotic Health Coach.  She underwent a professional training for four years at the International Macrobiotic School, studying wholefoods, natural ways to expand health and life counselling.
  • Wholefood Harmony was founded by Anna Freedman in Spring 2009, to inspire health through delicious natural cuisine. They offer Wholefood Cooking Workshops, Vitality Clubs, Health Coaching, Catering and Bespoke Events and share the Eastern wisdom of natural food diets, rich in whole grains, pulses and local, seasonal vegetables with no fat, sugar or added preservatives.  Wholefood Harmony believes in using whole and unprocessed foods as a tool to improve health and mitigate against disease.
  • Wholefood Harmony begins the “Love Food Nourish Life” cooking course on October 6th in London.   Classes include themed wholefood teaching, hands on cooking and conclude with enjoyment of a full, three course meal comprising several different dishes.  Regular Vitality Clubs also take place to support and fuel peoples’ nourishment, health and energy. For further details of the Autumn programme please visit www.wholefoodharmony.com.
  • Anna holds private Food & Health Consultations and Kitchen Impact Workshops to cultivate and integrate clients’ wellbeing through a bespoke and natural healthy eating plan and practical private cooking classes.
  • Gino D’Acampo is on a mission to prove that “There’s No Taste Like Home”. He is helping three home cooks re-create a fantastic family recipe in a professional kitchen for paying diners. The winning dish, judged by Gino, will have the honour of staying on the restaurant’s menu for an entire month from the date the show airs.[/itemlist]